Q – Can I use more than one receiver for my subscription?

A – Only one receiver can operate at the time. Using a second receiver will shut down the subscription.

Q – Are all channels in HD format?

A – We have a mixture of SD and HD channels. There is no list for it as these things change daily.

Q – Which channels do you have?

A – You can view our Channel List.

Q – Why have I not received my subscription line?

A – You MUST fill in the form otherwise we will not be sending your subscription.

Q – Can I test other channels than the channels provided on the Test Line?

A – No. Our Test Lines are fixed to have a variety of channels from different countries. No Premium channels.

Q – There are some packages on my subscription that I don’t want to have. Can I delete them?

A – If you tell us which packages (not channels) you don’t want we will remove them from your subscription.

Q – Can I change the type of my receiver?

A – No changes of receivers are accepted.

Q – Do you provide refunds?

A – No refunds are provided.

Q – Can you reactivate my subscription if it was misused?

A – No reactivation will be made if we see that you broke our rules.

Q- Can I watch anywhere?

A- You can only watch your subscription in the country that it has been activated in. It will block and stop working in a different country.

Q- When will my subscription be blocked and deleted?

A- If you misuse the subscription, use VPN, Proxy, use it on 2 receivers or on a server then we will delete it and there will be no refund.